Google Analytics without Javascript

Do you want to use Google Analytics in your website, but you want to support:
  • Mobile Users
  • Users with javascript disabled (NoScript users).
Or you want to track visits using Google Analytics on sites like:

  • BBS (Forums, phpBB, SMF, vBB) track your posts modifying your signature (bbcode).
  • Emails track your email views using google analytics.
  • eBay, craiglists, etc.. see who visits your posts.
Are you tired of very bad image / counter based statistics? You want to use google analytics?

Well, you can do it very easily with NoJSStats.

NoJSStats uses Google App Engine, and is a free public service that allows you to track your visitors using just an image, CSS background, or anything that allows external resource requests in the website you want to track.

Just point an image to the site with your account details, and you are good to go!

The format of the URL in the public service is:

For example:

Example (HTML code):
<img src="" />

Example (BBCode):

Example (CSS code):
background: url("");

Important Notice:
If your website uses SSL, you have to point to our SSL version:

Only use the SSL version if your website uses SSL.

Why referrers are not working correctly?
Since your browser wont send to the image the website that requested the serving page, you have to tell our service what's the referrer manually.
You can do that using the "r" HTTP GET argument.

Hey! I'm getting my users IP addresses, wow!
Yes, we send your visitor IP address as "User Supplied Value".. :)

Something is broken! FIX IT!
Hey, if the service suddenly stops working or starts sending wrong data, you can let me know, but in general I'm not a callcenter/emailcenter/customer support/whatever.

If you have problems with your google account use Google's support channels:

Also, you could try stop using this service (if you think that's causing any problems).

The fact that you donated, makes a lot of users grateful with you, but doesn't imply any type of warranty or anything.



  1. Thaks for you service!

    Just a questions, from a newbie: I'd change "" with the address of my site in the google analytics profile?


  2. <div style="display:inline;">
    <img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src=""/>

  3. Is it possible to set up links using UTM/campaign tags from the Google URL Builder tool?

  4. Thanks for this. Might be the solution to my problems. I'm using this on a asian blog platform that has put restrictions on most things. I snuck it in there using it in one of the blog posts. Can I add this to the end of each post to ensure it's always on the first page or will that mess things up?

  5. You rock!! This is fantastic. I'm now able to track my Squidoo lenses (pages) using Google Analytics.

  6. just added to my page but GA status still says "Tracking not installed". How do we get GA to recognize the installation? thanks.

  7. Hello, the service seems to be great. However, in my case is showing the same information for visits and pageviews. I dont know if something is broken. Just to let you know

  8. Will it track all values like the javascript enable site using the ga.js?

  9. Many of us know that Google analytics was made without the javascript but how and all is unknown.Ur post made a clear view on it.
    Cheers !
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  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Cool man, thank you for this. This seems like you could use it in an ebay ad then right? Ebay allows a little javascript now but the Google code wont go. Has anyone tried this on ebay or craigslist?

    Thanks again
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  12. This is a really great idea. Do you also provide user-agent through to google analytics? And do you collect the data yourself for any purpose?

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  14. Hey, just curious
    if you visit a page that has this code multiple times like 3 times in a minute, is it supposed to show in GA 3 hits?
    I dont see 3 hits in the Real Time section but only the 1st one.

    Also I'm using the https link... I see in Firefox's Net tab the request that comes back:
    Should this image url be https instead of http?
    IE doesn't complain though, usually it complains about mixed content if you have http:// on an https:// page so not sure its an issue.

    In the future would be cool to do something like Google's _trackPageview so you can have a page that's called 'welcome.html' and also when there's no JS set it so I set it manually to like '/welcome-no_js.html' to act as a counter. Right now I have to do the opposite, if the page has JS, then set it manually via Google's JS to '/welcome-has_js.html' since can't override with NoJSStats

  15. Thank's....but just one question :
    Where I Must Put This Code on my Site ?

  16. thanks. It works well and delivered as expected on my site

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  18. I run a ning..having a little trouble trying to figure out which code and where to put it, exactly. I have a revolve map on the main page, and any traffic generated through (10khits) does not register.

    Any ideas?

  19. thnax for it. it seems good so m go to put code

  20. I can't seem to get this to work. I'm using the service to append views to my RSS feed, and even though the IMG tag is there, it's not registering anything in my Google Analytics account. Any ideas?

    Here's an example request:

  21. I just noticed that this service and the utm.gif documentation seem to just want the host name sent. How can I set the utmp parameter so I can pass through a specific page URL or descriptive value to identify individual pieces of content?

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  23. i like this info
    thanks.. good job..
    Google Analytics without JavaScript free Service

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  28. As far as I am concerned this is just a crappy trick!
    10K doesn't give clicks if Google Analytics doesn't pick it up. That's it full stop.
    Don't kid yourselves guys this is a just a trick done with a bit of script to make you believe your are getting hits.

    1. Sadly I must agree. Trying 4 different trackers, only 85 kits confirmed from 10k not 80k+

    Pendaftaran GRATISS !!!

  30. nice info,, thanks

  31. Well from the 80k+ hits claimed to have received? NOT 1 tracker except Vista found actual hits. They only found 85 actual hits from 10k in the past year.

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  34. Hi,
    Does the https version work at the moment? When I use the https version, it loads an http url, which cannot be served on my secure pages without my users seeing a security warning.
    Thanks in advance for your help,

  35. Does this work? I have put the code as described in my CSS background and get no reslut's in my Google Analytics account.

    Please respond,


  36. I got it working, but when I add ?r=XXX to the image, I still as DIRECT in Google analytics.

    I'm using this source for my eBay listings.

    Please help guys,

    Really stuck here...

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  38. In addition, I don't see any link to donate for this tools. Would love to donate :)

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  42. is there an issue with, im getting a broken image link

  43. Unknown and jsprog342 are correct, this service doesn't work. Anyone reading this before trying it out? Don't waste your time, no one's maintaining this any more (nor did they bother to update the text).

  44. Unknown and jsprog342 are correct, this service doesn't work. Anyone reading this before trying it out? Don't waste your time, no one's maintaining this any more (nor did they bother to update the text).

  45. Hello all, i just want to know if this service is still functional. I tried using this on my website, but it throws an UNcaught SecurityError saying it blocked a frame of origin "" from accessing a frame with origin "". It says the protocols must match. My website currently has no SSl certificate, so how do i solve this?

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    1. In addition, could you please provide source code of this service? Thanks!

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